Friday, April 1, 2016

Heir of Hope

Summary: What Would You Sacrifice to Save Mankind?

The great city of Thyra has fallen and shadows spread across the land. Rowen Mar, the last Truthsayer, is taken before the Shadonae. But the Shadonae are not who she thought they were, and now they want to claim her as their own.

Caleb Tala, former assassin and prince, is now a Guardian of mankind. Exiled from his country, Caleb wanders the desert in search of his mother’s past and clues to who he is.

These are the last days of the Eldaran race. Rowen and Caleb must find their way along the dark path set before them by their ancestors: to heal what was wounded and love where hatred grows. But the road is narrow and the darkness beckons. If either of them fails, all will be lost…

And the human race will be no more.

Book three of the Follower of the Word series.


Rowen has lost almost everything, but the Word is still with her. But when she faces the enemy she soon realizes that to fight the Shadonae she will have to trust the Word and to give herself completely to him. Meanwhile, Caleb and the others are trying to join together with others to fight the evil before they overtake everything. Though there are some who cannot believe that the former Tala assassin has truly changed, they will have to still trust him if they are to survive.
~A betrayer is among the remaining people of Thrya. Those who have survived the evil that has invaded the land now live hidden among caves and forests. But their hideouts are soon found, and the only explanation is a traitor in their midst.~

Now for the conclusion to the Followers of the Word trilogy. Heir of Hope was amazing. I was really excited to start reading it, but at the time sad because the story would soon end, and I'd have to say goodbye to all the great characters I met. (except when I go back and re-read them of course)    :)   
The authoress did an excellent job writing the story,  and I couldn't put the book down. Morgan L Busse kept me wanting to read more and she also expanded more on her characters and the story in a way I wasn't expecting.

 I really enjoyed the Followers of the Word trilogy, and am excited to read more of Morgan L Busse's books and would definitely recommend them to any reader who loves fantasy, Christian allegorical, new worlds, and excitement  

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
I received this book free from the author for an honest review


  1. Thank you for taking the time to read this series. I'm glad you enjoyed the books and that you resonated with the characters :)

    1. Thank you for writing them! I really enjoyed them. :)

  2. Great review! I've been thinking about reading Morgan L. Busse's novels. They look great!

    Thanks for stopping by @ Scattered Journal Pages!

    1. Thank you! You should definitely read them, they're really good. :)