Thursday, April 28, 2016

Author Visit


A favorite authoress of mine, Jenny L. Cote, came up to Red Hill this past week. Was able to hang out with her for a little bit and hear more of her new book!
To tell a little more about her, she grew up the first part of her life in Newsport, VA before moving to GA. Now she lives there with her husband and has a grown son. Inspired  while watching her scottish terrier and black cat playing together, Jenny Cote soon wrote her first fictional book, The Ark the Reed and the Fire Cloud -an account of all the animals traveling to the ark before the flood. Six books later, all of her books have been a mixture of historical and biblical fiction, as well as fantasy. Her books cover Joseph in Egypt, the Christmas story (the prophecies 700 years before and then the birth), the life of Christ, and the last two novels cover Paul and the book of Acts. Her upcoming novels will be about the Revolutionary War. Be sure to check her out! 

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