Tuesday, June 28, 2016


So,  I haven't posted in a bit and not sure when I next will.  Life is about to get busy, and I'm not sure how much Wi-Fi I'll have access to this summer.  So you may see an occasional post every now and then, but come August i should be back  posting at a semi-normal pace.
Hope you all are having a good summer!

Friday, June 3, 2016

A Few of my Favorite Things TAG

Thanks to Raechel for tagging me!

(Whenever I read this title, I immediately start singing the song to Sound of Music)

1. List 10 of your favorite things
2. Tag at least 3 people.

Here I go:

1. I LOVE books. Surprise! Did not see that one coming. :)

2. I love the 1940s. Even though WW2 was horrible, I love a lot of things from that period: music, clothes, books, and others.

3. I love stars. Stargazing is a lot of fun, and though I only know a few constellations, I love looking at the heavens.

4. I love other cultures. Their foods, clothes, music, language. I try to collect things from other places that I've gone to or hope to visit.

5. I love to travel. I've grown up traveling the U.S. since I was little. Family vacations tend to be amazing experience with a lot of memories.

6. I love beaches. My family tries to go once a year, and the cold water, hot sun, cool breeze make for a great day. The sound of crashing waves, seagulls crying, and looking for seashells are some of 'my favorite things'. :)

7. I love my younger sisters. The younger super adorable, and it's been fun watching her grow. The elder of the two is one of my best friends. Whenever I want to just talk or I'm totally freaking out while at some event I just go to her -Parents to, but for me that is a given. :) -

8. I love mountains. The views of a mountain scenery, birds singing, and hikes with amazing views.

9. I love genealogy and history. I love looking back in history and seeing what happened. Finding untold stories, or really cool events that happened in my family. (though at the same time it is bittersweet, because some of them weren't believers)

10. I love milk. This may seem strange but for me, milk is one of my favorite drinks. Some love coffee (which I don't mind) or a specialty drink, but I could drink milk everyday if I could.

Okay, I tag.... Whoever wants to do this! I feel like everyone I've seen has already done this tag. So if you haven't, but would like to, you definitely can!