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(This is not a complete collection of my projects)

Bechira's Trials
Qritten during NaNoWriMo of 2012
Status: Editing/Rewriting
Word Count: Originally: 50,000+
Current Word Count: 37,000+
Genre: Fantasy
Summary: A girl from a small village in the land of Erutan, Bechira has seen many of the evil's that controls the land. Barely escaping from an attack, she finds herself in the company of a strange man who protects her. After finding a safe home, Bechira finds out about the Taban Knights, and how they are preparing for battle against an unseen enemy. Struggling with her past, Bechira has to choose a path, and even the right one will not be easy. Filled with adventure, betrayal, and redemption, Bechira's Trials is a tale for any reader.

A Beauty and the Beast Retelling
Status: Writing second draft
Word Count Originally: 4,625
Word Count: 10,000
Genre: Fantasy
Summary: A wounded princess, a hidden dragon, and a greedy prince. This small tale is different than most, and yet one we all know. Lina finds herself being helped by a dragon after a near death accident. The two grow close as Lina heals, but soon the time comes for her to return home. Just as she arrives outside the castle, she finds herself held captive by a greedy prince who claims to have rescued her. A forced marriage soon arrives, as well as a threat if Lina does not agree. When all seems lost, she will have to trust the Maker to help her.

A Sleeping Beauty Retelling
Status: In progress
Word Count: 2,000+
Genre: Fantasy
Summary: Celina is an Elven princes has lived hidden among her people after the human king has her cursed. With warriors to protect her, the historians and scribes scramble to find a way to break the spell in which she shall be given to the human king, who will kill her, before her 20th birthday. But the dreaded Blood Moon soon arrives, and despite all their efforts, Celina is transported into the human king's dungeon, but not alone. Her protector cousin comes with her, but the torture the two go through are almost more than she can bear. After the horrible deeds done to Celina's cousin, the human king decides that instead of killing her, she will be trapped in a death-like sleep where her dreams are full of nightmares. Years pass, and her cousin is forced to watch her in her deathlike state, with no way to help. Both are imprisoned, and freedom will only come by one whose love proves true.
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Began to write for a school project
Status: Researching/Drafting
Current Word Count: 5,314
Genre: Historical Fiction
Summary: Growing up, Katie Mason has lived with a father who served in WW1, but never in her life did she expect to live to see one herself. After Pearl Harbor kills her mother and father, Katie stays with family in the continental states before going overseas as a nurse. While abroad, she finds out her older brother was Killed In Action. After all she has gone through, Katie wonders if God really cares for her, and how she struggles to forgive those who have hurt her. A story of how God is always there, and how to forgive those who seem unforgivable.
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The Choice
Status: Drafting
Genre: Dystopian (?)
Summary: Growing up in the City, Callie's life have been planned since birth. What she will be, who she will marry, what she will learn. But when a school teacher gives her an assignment the council doesn't approve of, Cassie realizes that the walls she's lived behind may really be keeping them prisoner. When she finds out the truth of her home, she has to quickly escape before the Director can get hold of the information she has. Once on the other side of the wall, Callie soon realizes what is really going on, and the war that is soon to be unleashed. A revolution, a scared teen girl, and truth is all it takes to change the world.
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Exodus (not official title)
Status: Drafting/Researching
Genre: Biblical Fiction
Summary: Granddaughter to one of the Hebrew midwives that refused to obey Pharaoh, "Leah" has grown up learning the stories of their forefathers since she was young. When Moses arrives with his wife and children, the promised land doesn't seem far away. An account of a girl who lives in Exodus, walks through the Red Sea, eats Manna, and drinks from a rock, "Leah" will soon know YHWH for who He is.


  1. I just came across your blog and I'm having fun reading through all your reviews. :)
    The Untitled historical fiction your working on sounds AMAZING! WWII is one of my very favorite era's and it's the primary one I write about. I'm always so happy to find other writers who have books they're working on set in the same time period! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jesseca!
      I've always loved the '40s, and this story just seemed to appear all by itself. :) Crazy how writing can do that to you.
      Hope you have a great weekend!