Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Son of Truth


Summary: Arise now, guardian...

The war in the north is over, but the war for all the Lands has just begun. As the Shadonae solidify their hold on the city of Thyra, Rowen Mar, the last Eldaran and savior of the White City, awakens to find herself hunted by those she has saved.

Meanwhile, the assassin Caleb Tala finds himself in the presence of the Word. The time of reckoning has come, and he must pay the price for all the lives he has taken. But in his moment of judgment, Caleb is given a second chance to change his life.

These two hold the power to save the Lands from the Shadonae. One must escape slavery, and one must choose to forsake everything before the world is consumed in darkness.


After reading Daughter of Light I was really excited to start Son of Truth. I loved getting to know more about Caleb and the others. Picking up where Daughter of Light ended, Neirne has finally found the Elderan and they are traveling back to Thyra, but Neirne’s group is betrayed and she is forced to become a slave. Neirne crosses paths with Caleb again, and though he acts different she does not fully trust him, for his past has much pain and darkness. She will soon have to make the choice to forgive and trust him, or to continue to hold his past against him. -One of the things I felt for with Neirne was her fear and doubt in the Word. She believed, but at some points her faith weakened and she couldn't see how the Word was in control.- 
Meanwhile, Rowen is forced to heal others for her betrayer's gain. Giving herself up to take others injuries. Soon the evil in the land hears of her and she is sent to the very darkness she is suppose to overcome, but will she have enough strength to face them?
Caleb has finally found the healing he's been unknowingly searching for, and is finally trying to do good. With his new found gift he searches for answers from the past of his mother. But an evil has already taken over his family members and forces him to flee, along with Neirne, whom he rescued. But trust is hard to earn from those who knew him, and as people he's hurt keep coming into his life he only hopes they will believe he has truly changed.
I really enjoyed reading the second book in the Followers of the Word series, and definitely suggest you read it.  

I received this book from the author for an honest review
I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars


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