Monday, October 31, 2016

October Wrap-Up and Book Haul

It's the end of October?!!! I'm still happy it's Fall though. Such a beautiful time of the year. This month I was super thankful for the cool weather, and still am. I've missed the brisk mornings and foggy sunrises.

I was able to visit one of my friends, and it was such a good time to just hang out with her. Had a lot of fun.

This month I was able to go to a women's conference my mom started, and had a wonderful time serving and worshiping with women I've grown up knowing. They are such amazing women. God encouraged me through it, and I was so happy to see God move throughout that weekend.

I went and saw the movie PRICELESS. It was amazing, and I thought they did an excellent job filming it. (So thankful that there are more and more well made Christian films coming out.)

I went to a Voice of the Martyrs conference, and got to meet and listen to some amazing  Gracia Burnham, Sara Liu, Brother John, Jason P. They shared some amazing testimonies about themselves and other persecuted Christians. (I even got to almost meet a fellow NaNoer. We "meet" on the phone since she couldn't make it, but it was still cool)


I got some great books this month, and am excited to begin some of them. Have you read any of these? If so, what did you think?

I was finally released from my awful no reading sentence and began devouring a book as soon as October 22nd rolled around. I got some great books this month, and am excited to start some of them. I read two of the books from the Selection series by Kiera Cass, Counted With the Stars by Connilyn Cossette, Neverseen by Shannon Messenger, and
The two I read and reviewed this month were:

Unblemished by Sara Ella: SO good! I really enjoyed it, and am excited to read the sequel when it comes out next year.

Guilt Hollow by Lorie L: Another great book. Full of mystery and some awesome characters.


I am super excited to start writing again, and NaNo is the perfect excuse. This year is a bit of plotting, and a lot of plantsing (not having a plan). I have a general idea on what I want to write, and can't wait! It feels like forever since my hands have been able to create another story, and I am happy to soon be creating another world. Basically I'll be doing a story inspired by a fairytale, and adding my own twist to it. I know a lot of you guys did a post on your story, but as I'm still figuring it all out, I'll just share a small glimpse into the world I'll be journeying through this November...

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Are you doing NaNo? If you haven't already, friend me! (username: smb) What are you writing right now? Are you excited for November?