Monday, September 12, 2016

Hidden Gems: Jaye L. Knight


I'm taking part of Shantelle's Hidden Gems Tour, and today is featuring author Jaye L. Knight.
I don't fully remember how I came across Jaye L. Knight's books. I think I was browsing Kindle deals and found out about her books there. (You can get them for free on Kindle Unlimited). The Ilyon Chronicles are some really fun books. It's set in a medieval time period- a bit like Middle Earth. The author's books are similar to Chuck Black's books, where she takes the Bible and brings it into a new world full of a cruel leader, a rebellion, battles, dragons, and betrayal.

In the Ilyon Chronicles, you are transported into a new world and set off on an amazing adventure. My favorite characters: Jace, Kyrin, Kaden, Rayad, and Trask, are all so amazing, and each have something to teach you.
-Jace is a half-blood, neither welcomed by either race that are a part of him. But when a small group of rebels starts to except him, he begins to wonder if God might actually love him.
-Kyrin has gone through many things, including the death of a loved one. Raised in a city that refuses God, she and her brother, Kaden, have to keep their faith a secret from those hunting them.
-Kaden is the life of the group. Bringing smiles and cracking jokes to lighten the mood. He supports his sister and is by her side when things go wrong.
-Rayad took Jace in when he saw him years ago. He has been a mentor for Jace, and has tried to help when Jace doubts.
-Trask is the leader for the resistance that is fighting the king, and those who are trying to snuff out those who believe. He also helps form alliances with the Crete's and those with Samaria. When he struggles, his sweetheart Anne encourages him and offers support.
(I rate this series 4.5 out of 5 stars)

                        Jaye L. Knight

Jaye L. Knight is an award-winning author, homeschool graduate, and shameless tea addict with a passion for Christian fantasy. Armed with an active imagination and love for adventure, Jaye weaves stories of truth, faith, and courage with the message that, even in the deepest darkness, God’s love shines as a light to offer hope. She has been penning stories since the age of eight and resides in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

About the Series
Ilyon Chronicles is a six book, non-magical Christian fantasy series geared toward new adults (ages 18-25+).

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00026]

"Don't you know? Animals like you have no soul."

Could God ever love a half-blood all of society looks upon with such fear and disdain? Jace once believed so, but when a tragic loss shatters the only peace he's ever known, his faith crumbles as the nagging doubts he's tried to put behind him descend on his grieving heart. With them come the haunting memories of the bloodstained past he longs to forget, but can never escape.

Taken from home at a young age and raised to serve the emperor, Kyrin Altair lives every day under a dangerous pretense of loyalty. After her unique observation skills and perfect memory place her into direct service to the emperor, Kyrin finds herself in further jeopardy as it becomes increasingly difficult to hide her belief in Elôm, the one true God.

Following the emperor's declaration to enforce the worship of false gods under the penalty of death, many lives are endangered. But there are those willing to risk everything to take a stand and offer aid to the persecuted. With their lives traveling paths they never could have imagined, Jace and Kyrin must fight to overcome their own fears and conflicts with society as they become part of the resistance.

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Following the harrowing events that brought them to Landale Forest, Jace and Kyrin have settled comfortably into their new lives and the mission of protecting those under the emperor's persecution. The fast approach of winter brings with it the anticipation of a quiet few months ahead. That is until the arrival of four mysterious, dragon-riding cretes who seek aid in a mission of great importance--not only to their own people, but to all followers of Elôm.

Hidden in the vast mining valley north of Valcré, a faithful crete has spent years sharing his knowledge with the destitute miners and their families and is known to possess what may be Arcacia's last surviving copies of the King's Scrolls--the Word of Elôm. Joining the cretes, those in Landale must find the crete teacher and bring him to safety, but it is a race against time. Should Daican's men find him first, execution and the destruction of the Scrolls is certain.

When disaster strikes, all seems lost. Could Elôm have a plan even in the enemy's triumph?

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The gasps and murmuring grew. Though some were hardly more than whispers, clear words reached Jace's ears--dangerous, monster, animal, soulless. He tried to back away from their accusing eyes, but the collar pulled hard against his throat and held him in place.

For all his years as a slave, Jace has known nothing but the hatred people hold for his mixed blood--one half human, the other half the blood of a race considered monsters. Always, he is the outsider and quickly learns it is better to keep to himself. Yet, when his volatile ryrik blood leads him to do the unthinkable, he is thrown into a world of violence and bloodshed.

Forced to become a gladiator, Jace finds more and more of his heart dying as his master works to break down his will not to become the monster everyone believes he is. When a stranger interferes with his master's harsh punishment, Jace's world is upended yet again. But with it comes the possibility of hope that has long since died. Could the man possibly hold the key to escaping the hopeless darkness that is Jace's life? Is there such a thing as life beyond the cruelty of slavery?

See where Jace's story all began . . .

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When news arrives that Emperor Daican has been in contact with his chief war strategist, it signals potential doom for the country of Samara. Determined to intervene, the resistance in Landale, headed by Lady Anne, embark on a covert mission in hopes of unearthing further information. However, a shocking discovery leads to complications no one could have foreseen.

Armed with their newfound knowledge, they set out for Samara to warn the king. War is inevitable, and they must face two desperate battles--one on the walls of Samara's great stronghold, and the other on the battlefield of Jace's heart, where victory might only be achievable through great sacrifice.

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  1. Jaye L. Knight is an incredible writer - I'm so glad she was featured! I love her books.

    ~ Savannah

    1. Her books are good. Her characters are really cool.
      Thanks for stopping by!