Monday, November 21, 2016

The Temple and the Tabernacle

Summary:  Grasp the Majesty, Beauty, and Significance of God's Dwelling Places

At various points in Israel's history, God dwelt in specific, significant places, most notably in the tabernacle and the temple. These structures, meticulously planned, extravagantly furnished, and regularly frequented by the devout, were more than just places of worship and sacrifice. They were pictures of God's relationship with his chosen people and of the atoning work that would be done by the Messiah. To understand the tabernacle and the temple, then, is to understand how we are brought into God's family through the sacrifice of his only Son, Jesus.

Visually stunning and theologically rich, this full-color resource brings together the latest scholarship and archeological discoveries to bring God's dwelling places alive for modern believers. It places these important structures in their historical and theological contexts, connects them with the overall biblical story, and shows how they bring meaning and depth to the faith of Christians today.


So, I haven't finished this book all the way yet. (I've been crazy busy) but this book is so good! I am really interested in the Exodus, and this book talks a lot about the history of the Tabernacle and Temple. It shows you many different graphs, pictures, and word origins. Explaining what the Scriptures meant when it mentioned the Temple or Tabernacle. Or what they people of that time did (a few examples of idolatry) It is full of a lot of interesting facts and details that make it more interesting when you read the Bible. It shows the layout of the Temple Jesus went to, and where He was when it talks about the temple court and other locations. It adds a new perspective, and a way to imagine yourself back then, seeing the sights you read about.

Whether it is a picture of the ruins of a thought location of the Temple, or a digital picture recreating the scene, I fully enjoyed this look into history. The detail it went into in explaining how each building was set up, and all the pieces that were inside, was just amazing. God was very specific when he gave Moses and David/Solomon instructions on how to build both of his dwelling places.  If you want a book that will help you dig deeper into scripture, research or study, and a "look" at the Temple, than I suggest you read this book.

Genre: Non-fiction, Biblical study, historical.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
I received this book free from Baker Books for an honest review.

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