Monday, May 30, 2016

Writers Unite Writing Contest Winners!

Well everyone,  the contest has come to a close and now for the winners. ( I want to first thank everyone who entered. You all did a great job, and your stories were amazing )

And now *drumroll please*
1st Place: In Honor by Rebekah!
2nd Place: I Did it for You by Blessing!
And 3rd Place is: Katie's War by Kaitlyn! 

 Winners: If you haven't already recieved an email you should get one shortly.  Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who submitted an entry! 


  1. Congratulations to the winners! :D

    Just wondering, how many entries were there? Will we get to read all of them?

    ~ Amy

    1. Hi Amy!
      We had a total of 6 entries, and as for sharing their stories, we didn't ask them for permission, so I'm not sure about that. There is a possibility I'll be able to share one entry, but we'll see.
      Thanks for stopping by!