Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Over the Bridge


Zane is the second oldest out of three brothers. As he continues on in the race across Liberty, Zane and his best friend Jovan are searching for one more person for their team. At their first waypoint, they hear a rumor about a blacksmith who wants to move west. A visit to the forge brings one surprise after another, and as the two cousins and their new companion travel on, myths and legends come to life.

 Book Three is about the second oldest brother, Zane. He is quiet, keeps to himself, and VERY adventurous. As he is looking for another traveling partner, the blacksmith who is wanting to go out West is not exactly what he was expecting.
 I've read the first two books in C J Milbrandt's Byway series, and they have been very entertaining and adventurous. I read them over and over as I traveled across the country, and loved it. The book is geared to newer readers, but any book lover will enjoy this adventure. Mythical creatures, a race, and an unexpected companion make this book a must read for any adventurer. I definitely suggest the Byway series to readers of any age.
I would rate this book 5 out 5 stars.

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