Thursday, August 28, 2014

Annison's Risk

                                 Annison's Risk
Back Cover: A game of hide-and-seek takes Maddy Nicholaivitch to Marus, where she is taken in by a beautiful princess who has just married the conquering king. After overhearing the secret plans of the king's most trusted advisor, Maddy must decide if her loyalty to the princess is worth the price of her life. Based on the biblical story of Esther, "Annison's Risk" takes readers on a journey with a queen who is willing to risk her life in order to save her people. Any fan of Tolkien will appreciate this fantasy story, and with a new cover and interior graphics, it's better than ever!


One of my favorite series, Passages, brings the Bible to life in a new perspective. In a world called Marus, kids from Odyssey are doing daily activities when they are suddenly transported into another land, with a story similar to our own. Maddy is one of these kids. As Maddy is helping Annison, Marus' new queen, she thinks she is in a fairy tale. But as things become dangerously complicated, she is soon involved in bringing information to the queen that could change the world. Maddy must decide if she will continue to have a child's mind and play games, or a mature perspective to save Marus.

I would rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.

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  1. I am so happy someone else reads these books! I love them!
    They have helped me with my life. Seriously.